How to Help

The Friends of Chatham Traction was formed in March 2007 to restore, exhibit and operate as an educational resource the sole surviving Chatham Traction bus, GKE 68.

An agreement to make regular donations of at least £20 a year to the Friends allows participation in the affairs of the organization, principally by having voting rights at the AGM. You'll receive our periodic updates and have priority on special events.

In addition anyone who offers help or provides support in any way is added to the Friends' list of Supporters and receives updates. The Supporters list includes a whole range of people such as ex-Chatham Traction employees, bus preservationists, local government officers and industry journalists.

There is, of course, no upper limit on donations or regular payments so its up to you - all contributions gratefully received!

DONATIONS can be made directly to our account by on-line transfer:   

The Friends of Chatham Traction    CAF Bank sort code 40-52-40    account number 00032126.

Or send a cheque payable to Friends of Chatham Traction to Paul Kemsley - details here. Paul can also help arrange GIFT AIDING your contribution, or setting up a regular payment.